The Categories

  • Curriculum Improvement

    Resources that will support the ways in which a particular subject can be taught, and/or boost students’ progress in that subject

  • Assessment

    Resources and services aimed at helping teachers check students’ understanding, improve feedback, track progress and drive school improvement

  • SEND

    Physical items and electronic/online resources designed to support students with additional needs and make schools more inclusive

  • CPD

    Training materials, software, books and other resources intended to enhance teachers’ professional development

  • Technology (Hardware)

    Physical devices, peripherals and tools that can facilitate learning, chiefly within the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths ((NOTE – all powered devices must be supplied with batteries and/or a compatible mains adaptor)

  • School Business

    Data management systems and communication tools (both internal and for contacting parents) that enable schools to stay organised and responsive

  • Health and Wellbeing

    RSE teaching materials, safeguarding solutions, guidebooks and other resources that can supplement a school’s provision of mental health and wellbeing support

  • Hybrid Learning

    Guidance materials, online platforms, software and similar resources that can support a school’s ability to offer a robust and sustainable blended learning provision

  • Free Resource

    Print and electronic resources that are available to secondary schools entirely free of charge, other than for P&P (excludes any time-limited offers)

  • Apps

    Apps available from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) that function as self-contained resources in themselves, or as a mobile interface for a larger online platform or software package